Fight or flight are not the only choice!


Last Friday I woke to what has been referred to as devastating news, the UK had voted to BREXIT.  At first, I was so mad I wanted to lash out at anyone who had dared to vote Leave the European Union.  As time has passed my anger turned to sadness, sadness for the intolerance shown to others and sadness for the generation that will have to live with this decision.  Now, nearly a week on, I am very close to acceptance!

As I reflect back on my reaction, I notice so much about myself and about how we as humans react.Fight or Flight are not the only option

Yes BREXIT is a terrible outcome with more repercussions than we have even began to see but is it devastating, NO!!!

Devastating is the terror attack in Turkey, devastating is the Israeli girl stabbed in her own bed, devastating is the Syrian situation.  DEVASTATING IS THE HATRED THAT IS CONTAMINATING OUR WORLD!!!

As humans, before we open your mouths to
condemn our neighbours we need to STOP and look at what’s inside our hearts!  We need to acknowledge that what we are feeling is FEAR, fear of the unknown and fear that the world as we know it to be is changing.

Not everything is known!  The world is changing!  But how we react can impact the change even more.

We all know that fear triggers a flight or fight response.   We can’t flee this changing world so our response is to fight.

FIGHTING is not resolving the problem; it’s making it so much worse!!!

Fight or flight are not the only responses, there are others.  If we acknowledge our fears, we can choose our response and I want to believe that most of us will NOT choose Hatred!!!

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