Life Coaching

An 8-session life changing programme

your life is too short not too live it fully

    • Are you wanting to make changes, but have no idea where to start or are afraid of letting go of what you have?
    • Do you wish you had the courage to grab opportunities that reflect who you really are?
    • Do you want to attract healthier, inspiring relationships and situations into your life?
    • Are you looking for something more significant in your life, something that is not just for the financial stake?
    • Are you bored, restless, frustrated or just plain fed-up with your current job?

Knowing ourselves fully and accepting ourselves deeply allows us to think, feel and act grounded and fully integrated in all that we do. From this place, we can create and move towards living life in glorious Technicolour.

Knowing and accepting ourselves fully includes the following:

    • Self-awareness: How do my beliefs, attitudes and behaviour impact my environment, be it professional, family or social and ultimately myself?
    • Self-acceptance: Am I aware of my own thoughts, beliefs and blind spots? How do I stop believing that the world is doing things to you?
    • Self-responsibility: How are my actions, attitudes and thoughts influencing how I live my life and how I create my future?

Once we know ourselves, we can choose to :

    • Live purposefully by:
      • identifying and leveraging our talents and strengths to achieve our goals,
      • making a contribution to your environment and influencing our lives.
    • Live with integrity:
      • by integrating our ideals, standards and behaviours into our lives daily both at work and at play.

YouLife in TECHNICOLOUR, this 8-session programme,  will take you to a place where you will live purposefully and with integrity and from here you can create a vision for your life in colour.

Your vision will provide you with a framework within which to live and operate. Life is full of offers which appear tempting but often take us off track. Having a vision shines a light on the path that you have plotted for yourself. It keeps you focused, motivated and fulfilled.
Together we will explore

      • What is your story?
      • What are the values you are currently living by and how are they serving you? What values are you ignoring?
      • What are your skills and strengths? What are your blindspots?
      • What brings you alive? What drains you?
      • What are the voices in your head telling you?

Once you know who you are deep-down, it’s easier to create a vision for your life. Clients who are now living in Technicolouhave:

      • Quit their jobs and followed their dreams
      • Started their own businesses
      • Applied for and gotten promotions
      • Been accepted to Business School
      • Climbed Kilimanjaro, jumped out of planes and even walked on fire

Welcome to YouLife in TECHNICOLOUR

How the programme works

      • The primary goal for this programme is have you living purposefully and with integrity so that you can:
        • Change jobs
        • Start your own business
        • Get Promoted
        • Go back to “school”
        • Travel
        • Or maybe just get some adrenalin flowing by walking on fire or jumping out of a plane
      • The programme consists of 8 individual calls of 45 minutes each over Skype or phone.
        We organise the following session at the end of each call. By the end of the programme, you will be well on the way to making the big changes you want. Some clients continue on their journey alone while others decide to continue with coaching and stay a few months, some even longer. It’s entirely up to you.
      • Rome wasn’t built in a day. This programme requires commitment and time – anywhere between 8 to 24 weeks depending on the frequency of our calls. If after 3 calls, you decide that coaching is not for you, you can walk away with a refund for any unused sessions.
      • In our sessions together, you set the agenda to ensure that you get the ultimate support you are looking for. I encourage you to bring a variety of topics to our calls because everything is interconnected. A learning in one aspect of your life is likely to be applicable to other aspects, so bringing a variety of topics can be very exciting.
      • All sessions are one-to-one with me, Nathalie Britten. I have travelled this journey of self-discovery and still travel it daily. If you would like to learn more about me or what my clients say I encourage you to use the clicks provided.
      • The work we do together is based on coaching principles and techniques, it is not advice or therapy. If you are looking for stock answers or a quick fix, then this programme is probably not for you.

Your time commitment

      • The time investment is 45 minutes per session.  Typically I work with clients twice per month for about 4 months however some clients choose to complete the program faster or slower.
      • Often with coaching, a lot of personal growth happens between sessions so I would encourage you to set aside a minimum of 15 minutes a day to develop a mindfulness programme.


      • If you find yourself feeling stuck or needing guidance between sessions, I am including up to 8 “check in” sessions for a quick 15 minutes chat.
      • Email support for 30 days after completion of the programme to keep you on track and in action.






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