David Townsend“Nathalie is an excellent coach and has helped me both professionally and personally. She is very insightful due to her experience working with many successful executives – and in addition to being an excellent sounding board for a variety of corporate and management problems she is also able to give very practical advice for personal success and work life balance. She was able to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses and helped me utilize this knowledge to advance my career. I would gladly recommend her to other executives that are seeking to accelerate their growth but at the same time remain true to their ideals. ”
David Townsend, VP Commercial Asia Pacific, Glanbia, China
“Nathalie’s ability to help her clients clarify what’s truly Helen Attiaimportant to them is remarkable. She does this as an ally and a confidante and goes out of her way to get you closer to your goals, whatever they are. If you’re considering working with Nathalie, do it.”

Helen Attia, Head of Sales & Marketing, Chargifi, London, UK

Jimmy“Nathalie is a great coach and an amazing person. Half a year ago my attitude towards coaching was: “Isn’t coaching just idle words, and what tools – especially professional – can a coach give me”. Now I know better. Nathalie really knows how to motivate you with questions that make you reflect on how you live life and what is truly important. I’m now even more ready to embark on the next chapter in my professional development, starting with an Executive MBA from IMD in Lausanne. I highly recommend Nathalie”

Jimmy Scavenius Lang, Former corporate finance lawyer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Geri Tuneva“Nathalie’s coaching has helped me to focus and re-focus on my values and priorities, to determine my goals and to find out what I need to do to get nearer to reaching these goals. Nathalie has helped me to ask the right questions and pointed me the direction towards finding the answers to them. She is calm yet direct and honest, inspirational and motivational, and our sessions always include a lot of laughs. It has been a truly eye-opening experience both professionally and personally.”

Geri Tuneva, Head of Marketing at Qubit and Marketing Academy Scholar 2015/2016, London, UK

“Nathalie has a true gift, she cuts right down to the chase, looks deep within the person she is coaching and is very direct with no time for lip servicing. If you truly have a desire and need to move forward then Nathalie will be the perfect coach to help you reach your full potential… An honest, direct, sincere and very wise individual with a strong desire to help others reach their full potential.” Yvonne Siggemann, Founder & Director, Fings for Fido, www.fingsforfido.com

“Thank you so much for taking time with Olivia last night. She is absolutely buzzing (!) and feeling completely empowered to deal with things today. You have given my daughter a special gift of some self-belief, something I have been trying to achieve for a long time now! If you could have seen the light shining from her face after speaking to you.  Thank you, you were the best person for the job”

Joan, Senior District Nurse and mother to 17 year old Olivia, UK

“Nathalie has a way of taking charge of a situation without taking over. Nathalie inspired me with the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and her inner strength and soft voice were a great encouragement to me. I learned to look at things differently, and when you do, things change. The revelations in each session amazed me”Launa Doyle, Artist, Johannesburg, South Arica

“Working with Nathalie is helping me to identify what is important to me, and start to break down the barriers that prevent me from creating the life that I want. Nathalie’s frank but positive and non-judgmental approach lead to conversations that are sometimes painfully honest but ultimately empowering and action-focused. Nathalie has a natural empathy and perceptiveness that allow her to drill down to the root causes of issues very quickly. I would highly recommend her as a coach.”

Jo-Anne Croft, Communication’s Strategist, Oxfordshire 

“Sometime’s getting there is not just a straight line, even though you want it to be. For help highlighting the bumps and curves that you probably wouldn’t see without that external eye I suggest giving coaching with Nathalie a try. Honest and direct feedback is just the thing to get you seeing the whole picture.”Andrew S, 30+, Entrepreneur, London, UK
“Where to start! Words don’t always sum up how Nathalie makes you feel about yourself after one of her powerful coaching sessions. I have worked with Nathalie for nearly a year and I found her passion for coaching and getting the best from me incredibly rewarding personally whilst also hugely inspiring. Nathalie is honest and courageous in her coaching. She will challenge you and hold you sacred all at the same time. She has a gift and and would recommend her to anyone wanting to grow themselves, whilst being true to what really matters inside.”

Paul Robinson, Owner Director, Project Resourcing Ltd, www.project-resourcing.com

“I have always struggled with self confidence and very low self esteem in the work place, but hit an all time low after being made redundant from a job I loved. Nathalie helped me work through my insecurities and fears and after each session felt I was working towards accepting myself and that I am capable and worthy. Nats makes you work hard, push yourself and you soon realise the obvious. Scary ? … Hell yes … at times anyway , but she makes them fun and comfortable and there have been times I have laughed so hard it was just like chatting to an old friend.I am pleased to say I now have a wonderful career path ahead of me and the confidence to be to able walk that path with the understanding that I am fabulous and very capable – thank you Nats”

Emma, 40+, Corporate Sustainability Consultant , Oxford, UK